Trapshooting Academy Spring Event - Victoria Day, 2017
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   Thank you for your interest in The Trapshooting Academy!

We are on the range coaching or at clinics and competitions throughout the week as well as  on weekends.
For a variety of reasons including safety,  we are not able to take calls while training.
It is for this reason that inquiries by email will receive the fastest response.

                    email us at

or Call Us:
Office: (905) 963-0131
Fax: (905) 681-2830
TOLL FREE: (877) 55 SHOOT 

Our Mailing Address is

777 Guelph Line, PO Box 62031 Burlington, ON L7R 3N0

How to get to Trapshooting Academy :: Learn Trapshooting Canada:

The range address is 35 Fifth RD E Stoney Creek, ON, L8J 3E8

The GPS Coordinates are 43.16371, -79.72595


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