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Learn to shoot

Learn to shoot
Julia, enjoying breaking targets for the first time!
Our trapshooting training school offers a wide range of programs for the benefit of athletes of all skills: from the novice eager to learn to shoot to seasoned trap shooter. All our classes are taught by certified / trained coaches possessing a wealth of experience. No license is required!

This is a fun, safe and rich learning environment where students not only learn to shoot, practice and excel in the sport of trapshooting but also appreciate the increased sense of responsibility, discipline and attention to detail the program inspires.
The Trapshooting Academy offers scheduled individual as well as group introductory sessions where you can try your hand at the the beautiful sport of trapshooting, and safely learn to shoot a gun for the first time. Learn to shoot a shotgun:


Level 1. Introduction – Discovery

What is trapshooting, about shotguns, gun safety, all about the range, equipment and gear, what to expect from your coach, and what is required to succeed. On and off range trapshooting training is provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable introduction to shooting sports. Students do not have to own a shotgun. Protective gear is provided at no charge.


Level 2. Fundamentals – Learn to shoot

Position, Mount, Vision, Movement

The student will learn to shoot using the correct stance, alignment and balance. Eye dominance and correct type of vision and eye hold will ensure the student learns to acquire the target quickly and to focus correctly. The athlete will learn how to correctly move the gun in relation to the target. Foot and body position, stance, balance, head position, muscle tension are all key to a successful development of a good form. Gun mount (and gun fit) are addressed throughout the course.

Learn to shoot using proper form and avoid the bad habits. You will be glad you did!


Level 3. Competitive – Have fun!

Learn to shoot is only the biginning! Students who complete Level 2 and prove a solid understanding of the fundamentals and the desire to excel, are encouraged to enter the competitive arena. There is nothing to replace the thrills and intensity of a trapshooting match and we strongly advise our athletes to start competing as soon as the fundamentals are solid. Training as well as a competition plan is commonly developed by the athlete and the coach, goals and milestones are mutually agreed upon. Throughout the course, the coach will attend and assist the athlete compete, with the aide of video cameras, log books, chronographs and other materials. Attention to detail and constant observation and guidance will ensure success and prevent the unintended deviation from proper fundamentals and the bad habits that usually follow. The athletes are expected to own their own shotgun so that it can be tailored / adjusted to fit, as shotgun fit is paramount to a good form and correct execution.
Students who do not posses their own shotgun may use a loaner. Individual protective gear is required at this level. Your coach can assist you with choosing the right gear for you.


Advanced Level 1 – Fun, Refined!

Athletes at this level successfully and regularly compete in local and provincial / state events and work towards entering the national stage and / or compete in the Satellite Grand tournaments. They have mastered the technique and their fundamentals are “tweaked” to maximize their potential and take advantage of their natural physical and psychological abilities. It is now the time to learn to shoot at different venues, against various backgrounds, at home and abroad. Custom trapshooting training programs and competition schedules are tailored to each individual as a primary tool in assisting the athlete achieve his/her short and medium term goals on the path towards a realistic yet bold long term objective.

 Each class last about an hour and a half.

Are you ready? Learn to shoot trap right now! Contact us to inquire about availability.

Trapshooting Range

Our trapshooting range is based at the historic Hamilton Gun Club in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

The club offers beautiful target presentations and the best trapshooting range in the province.
Twelve brand new Pat traps with voice activated releases; knowledgeable and friendly staff; an active, vibrant membership; and regular registered and league trapshooting competitions for all skill levels contribute to making this facility the premiere trapshooting training venue in Ontario.

Depending on the level and each individual’s requirements, reservations and / or leasing of one or more traps are available to allow personalized, specific training regimens.

Last but not least, our own Mattarelli Olympic Wobble installation allows for specialized training in what is the most challenging and fun of the trapshooting disciplines, the International Trap or bunker!

The Trapshooting Range during OPTA Championship

Corporate Events

Corporate Events : Team Building, Recognition and Appreciation, Special Events : Lots of Fun!

Looking for a fun and exciting team-building activity for your employees? Would you like to show your appreciation and thank your most important clients for their continuous support? Ready to close that important business deal?

Get ready for something exciting and different: a relaxing day or afternoon learning to shoot trap, an Olympic sport since the 1900s!

Corporate Outings Team Building better than golf!
A day at the range trap shooting, a great opportunity for some team building and R&R!

Everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical abilities can trap shoot, from the inexperienced trapshooter to the seasoned outdoorsman. Whether you have a small department or large corporate group, are planning an executive business meeting, corporate charity, or office fundraiser event, if you would like to reward and recognize your staff or maybe are looking at entertaining valued clients, we can plan the perfect corporate outing for you. As each corporate event is unique we will work together to customize and tailor your trapshooting adventure to fit your needs, time frame, and budget.

A typical corporate outing with The Trapshooting Academy includes up to fifty clay targets per person as well as the required ammunition, gun rental, eye and ear protection, and, most importantly, professional instruction by experienced, certified coaches.

Statistics show that shooting is far safer than football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and even golf. At the Trapshooting Academy, safety is paramount. The entire group will receive a safety briefing before proceeding to the range and all shooting activities take place under immediate, close supervision.

One or more trap fields will be reserved for your team for the duration of the event and all your guests will receive personal, one on one professional instruction. In most cases, part of the group will shoot while the others engage in team-building exercises, engage in activities related to trapshooting that do not involve a firearm or just watch, enjoy the refreshments, socialize, and relax.

A catered meal or just refreshments on the range – add non-alcoholic beverages, and you’ll have a unique special event your valued employees or esteemed business partners will remember.

Click play below to watch the Men’s Double Trap final – Nicosia 2013 World Cup courtesy of ISSF TV.

Exciting eh?

At The Trapshooting Academy we offer just that: an exciting fun alternative to the usual, more traditional group outings!

Contact us today to plan your next outdoor corporate outing and try the exciting sport of trapshooting!

Email info at, call (877) 55 SHOOT or (905) 963 0131 for a quote, a complimentary tour of our facility and a round of trap!*

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

* Some conditions apply. Contact us for more details.

High Performance Team – Spain 2014

Congratulations to Trapshooting Academy’s High Performance Team – Spain 2014 athletes!

Each and everyone of you worked hard and improved greatly!

We are glad to have been able to offer you the opportunity to experience training on Spain’s world-class range and to enjoy the hospitality and culture of Andalusia. We are looking forward to the upcoming competition season.

High Performance Team - Spain 2014 : Las Gabias, Granada
2014 Spain Team: Las Gabias, Granada
High Performance Team - Spain 2014 : Visiting Alhambra
You cannot be in Granada and not visit Alhambra!
High Performance Team - Spain 2014, The Competition : Las Gabias, Granada
The competition at the end of the camp – and the winners

A warm thank you to our host Mr. Jesús Almirón, Manager CEAR Juan Carlos I, Las Gabias, Granada, Spain, the home of 51st ISSF World Championship, 6-20 September 2014!

High Performance Team - Spain 2014 with Mr. Jesús Almirón
Spain Team and Mr. Jesús Almirón