Trapshooting Training

Trapshooting Training
Julia, enjoying breaking targets for the first time!
Our trapshooting training school offers a wide range of programs for the benefit of athletes of all skills: from the novice to seasoned trap shooter. All our classes are taught by certified / trained coaches possessing a wealth of experience.

This is a fun, safe and rich learning environment where students not only learn, practice and excel in the sport of trapshooting but also appreciate the increased sense of responsibility, discipline and attention to detail the program inspires.

All students must be dressed appropriately and wear the required ear and eye protection. Loaners are available for introductory sessions as well as Level 1 students.

The Trapshooting Academy offers scheduled group introductory sessions where you can try your hand at the the beautiful sport of trapshooting, shooting a gun for the first time. The duration of the session depends on the size of the group. Contact us to inquire about availability.

Would you like to start right now? We offer professional one on one and group instruction for trapshooting athletes of all levels as well as advanced coaching for high performance athletes.


Level 1. Introduction

What is trapshooting, about shotguns, gun safety, all about the range, equipment and gear, what to expect from your coach, and what is required to succeed. On and off range trapshooting training is provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable introduction to shooting sports.Students do not have to own a shotgun. Protective gear is provided at no charge.


Level 2. Fundamentals

Position, Mount, Vision, Movement

The student will learn the correct stance, alignment and balance to break the target anywhere during its flight path.

His/her correct mount will allow a hold of the gun in the best position to respond both mechanically and visually to the target.

Eye dominance and correct type of vision and eye hold will ensure the student learns to acquire the target quickly and to focus correctly.

The athlete will learn how to correctly move the gun in relation to the target.

Foot and body position, stance, balance, head position, muscle tension are all key to a successful development of a good form.

Gun mount (and gun fit) are addressed throughout the course.


Level 3. Competitive

Students who complete Level 2 and prove a solid understanding of the fundamentals and the desire to excel, are encouraged to enter the competitive arena. There is nothing to replace the thrills and intensity of a trapshooting match and we strongly advise our athletes to start competing as soon as the fundamentals are solid. Training as well as a competition plan is commonly developed by the athlete and the coach, goals and milestones are mutually agreed upon. Throughout the course, the coach will attend and assist the athlete compete, with the aide of video cameras, log books, chronographs and other materials. Attention to detail and constant observation and guidance will ensure success and prevent the unintended deviation from proper fundamentals and the bad habits that usually follow.Athletes are expected to own their own shotgun so that it can be tailored / adjusted to fit, as shotgun fit is paramount to a good form and correct execution.

Students who do not posses their own shotgun may use a loaner.

Individual protective gear is required at this level.
Your coach can assist you with choosing the right gear for you.


Advanced Level 1

Athletes at this level successfully and regularly compete in local and provincial / state events and work towards entering the national stage and / or compete in the Satellite Grand tournaments. They have mastered the technique and their fundamentals are “tweaked” to maximize their potential and take advantage of their natural physical and psychological abilities.Custom trapshooting training programs and competition schedules are tailored to each individual as a primary tool in assisting the athlete achieve his/her short and medium term goals on the path towards a realistic yet bold long term objective.

 Each class last for 1.5 hours.

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