Our athletes at the 2010 Ontario Provincial Championships

Congratulations to all Trapshooting Academy athletes who performed again at their highest level.
Here are their accomplishments:
  • Dal Bean (Sponsored – Sub Jr.) – first registered shoot; highest score from 16 yards: 90
  • Henry Kristofferson (Sponsored – Sub Jr.) – first registered shoot; highest score from 16 yards: 70
  • Chloe MacDonald (Sponsored – Jr.) – Handicap Champion; HAA Lady Co-champion
  • Garret MacDonald (Sponsored – Jr.) – Class D Doubles (preliminary); Class C Doubles Champion; Junior Handicap; Class D HAA
  • Graham Marshall (Sponsored – Sub Jr.) – first registered shoot; highest score from 16 yards: 77 (Graham just started shooting in January 2010 – he trained for only 10 sessions, way to go Graham!)
  • Matthew VanHaren (Sponsored – Sub Jr.) – shot wonderful and ended with his best ever from 16 yards: 90 (up from an average of 65% last year!)
  • Keith A. – his personal best: 90 from 16 yards (up from a 72% average from last year); Keith successfully applied Bob Palmer’s techniques
  • Alex L. – amazing shooting (with borrowed guns & great disposition)
  • Dave L. – his personal best: 96 (Dave has started training just 2 months ago and had a total of 3 training sessions so far)
  • Phil M. – Class D Doubles; Handicap 18-21 yards; Class C HOA
  • Gyl M. – his personal best: 90 from 16 yards (up from a 73% average last year)
  • Dan M. – his personal best: 93 (Dan didn’t get a chance to train in almost a year)
  • Doug S. – his personal best: 97 from 16 yards (up from a 55% average last year)
  • Ben C. – improving every day, always positive, always ready to shoot, thanks for leading – with excellent form – our youth team in the preliminaries!
  • Alireza A. – your enthusiasm is contagious and your determination is impressive! Looking forward to seeing the same drive in international trap!
  • Ryan K. – First year of registered competitions broke a 97! Congratulations!
Congratulations to the All American Cody Davis for his Non-Resident HAA, it was a pleasure to have you and Gen again on Canadian soil. We are looking forward to your next visit, see you soon “down south”. Good luck at the Grand American!
We had lots of first 25 straight & a good number of first 50 straight.
Many thanks to all the Development Team members who came during the weekend and supported their Teams.
Special thanks to the Khan family – who arrived every day early in the morning, vigorously supported the Teams throughout the day, and were the last ones to say ‘see you tomorrow’ to their coaches every evening. Your dedication and amazing demeanor is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all our sponsors – another great year was made possible by your support. Thank you to the families of all the LTS athletes.
All in all – an amazing weekend!
Congratulations again to all Trapshooting Academy athletes (past and present): we are proud of you!
Your coaches