Burlington, Ontario

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The Trapshooting Academy selected as the Canadian Distributor for Castellani.

“At Trapshooting Academy, we are proud to welcome the Castellani brand to Canada. Well known for their design, durability and quality, Castellani vests and trapshooting accessories are highly regarded worldwide. Top athletes relay on the Castellani products to assist in their quest to the top of the podium and we are thrilled to be able to bring them to the Canadian shooting community” says Florin Marinache co-founder and Head Coach of Trapshooting Academy.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Trapshooting Academy provides excellent instruction, coaching and access to quality trapshooting programs to people of all ages, genders or physical abilities in a safe, enjoyable and rewarding environment. ATA trap, Olympic Trap (international trap), development programs, introductory lessons. To contact Trapshooting Academy Canada click here.

Supplier of more than 30 national shooting federations and an official supplier of the IISF, Castellani is a leading sportswear manufacturer specializing in shooting and hunting apparel. Castellani also manufactures accessories like sunglasses, hats, bags, gloves and pants and distribute their products in 53 different countries.  Working with some of the most famous fashion designers and benefiting from over twenty years of experience, Castellani products are well known worldwide and have been seen at every major international trapshooting tournament including the World Cup and 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

For media relations contact

Maurizio Castellani, Via IV Novembre, 36
25010 San Zeno Naviglio (BS) – Italy
Phone: +39 030 35 34 102 – +39 030 34 69 095
Fax: +39 030 21 06 760


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