Burlington Ontario
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Florin Marinache, Head Coach of the Trapshooting Academy is honored at the 2009 ATA Grand American with the 2009 ATA Shooting Coach of the Year award.

“Thank you, athletes, supporters, and staff for making this possible, I am looking forward to a new and exciting trapshooting season in 2010. See you all on the range! Florin”

Coach of the Year, 2009

The ATA serves as the faithful protector of the sport of trapshooting.  As the largest clay target shooting organization in the world, the ATA governs the sport’s rules and regulations and seeks ways to further enhance the sport and increase participation.   You can contact the ATA at Amateur Trapshooting Association 601 W. National Road Vandalia, Ohio 45377

Based in Ontario, Canada, Trapshooting Academy provides excellent instruction, coaching, and access to quality trapshooting programs to people of all ages, genders or physical abilities in a safe, enjoyable and rewarding environment. ATA trap, Olympic Trap (international trap), development programs, introductory lessons. To contact Trapshooting Academy click here.

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