I found an interesting quote somewhere:

Don’t measure yourself by what you accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.

I am not sure if I agree or not, but I found it an interesting notion for the moment and I’ll continue to analyze it until I can file it under one of the categories… Most of us might have a good idea of our own ability, but there are definitely people out there that think too much or too little of their abilities – and then what? Even if you know exactly what you can do – wouldn’t it be frustrating to not be able to accomplish all you want or need? Especially knowing you could, given the context would have been on your side.

Maybe that’s the message – get the context on your side. I know better than to decree it as a pure truth – sometimes it’s impossible to do what you want/need, sometimes the context is beyond your control. But I would also be one to recognize the North-American society (the Western societies in general) as one of the opportunities.

And so I start my day – wondering about this quote… it’s actually a nice feeling to be able to wonder

If I ever make up my mind about the quote I’ll let you know. Until then – I’ll try to accomplish as much as I should


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