Amazingly enough, it’s already October – even worse: halfway through October!

I have been away from the range for a long time and with the cold weather setting in so early this year, I believe my range days are over until spring. I am not a fair-weather person: I don’t mind wind and rain, not even snow – but I do have a medical problem with the cold and so I prepare for hibernating.

How does a trapshooter hibernate? Well – the ones that can afford it (time- and money-wise) will move down south, mostly around Silver Dollar (FL) or in Texas / Arizona. The ones that didn’t reach the retirement phase yet will have 2 options: either do nothing over the winter or do something! OK, ok – I’m getting there… stay with me.

Last year I kind of took the first route – doing more or less nothing. Sometimes it’s simply impossible to stretch the day anymore and that was my last winter – un-stretchable. But I wasn’t very happy with this ‘doing nothing’ activity so this year I plan to do something. What? Here comes in handy to have the coach close by 🙂

For a start, I would like to set up some time every day to mount the gun. Nothing else – just mounting the gun. It’s important to get dressed like you’ll do over the summer and just do the usual task of mounting the gun 1,000 times… And what in the peaceful world would you achieve with this? Oh – a lot, in fact. First of all – you’ll develop (keep active) the proper muscles. Then – you’ll also develop muscle memory. And that will build your confidence – once you return on the range you took out the ‘do I know how to mount my gun?’ question. Of course you do, you never stopped doing it! And having the confidence – as most of you know – is 90% of the game 😉

Once I figure out how much more time I will have in the day – I will move on to practicing my swing. And with that – practicing being patient – which will be funny to watch, I’m sure. If you have a person that doesn’t have too much time to start with… how will you make that person practice patience?! I am not 100% sure yet, but I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress.

Now that I have shared my plans with the world – I will feel obligated to follow it… or so I hope.

Until next time – if you are out there: be safe and break them all while having fun. If you started to hibernate – maybe you can build yourself a plan to keep in touch with your best friend (I’m talking about the shotgun).

And whatever you do – keep the fun in it!


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  1. Great ideas, Alicia… and now that I have a gun, even though not a good trap gun, I can practice mounting, even if I can't get out for lessons as regularly as I'd like to… I'm hoping to be able to get out for another practice in the next couple weeks, but if not, I'll be in front of a mirror and practicing exactly as you describe.

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