The Coach (2)

We heard/knew from various sources that this year, at the Grand, Florin has received the ‘2009 ATA Shooting Coach of the Year’ award.

And yesterday it came in the mail – a box with Florin’s name on it and with another (smaller) box inside. And inside this second box – the award itself, one of the Tilden desk clocks.

2009 ATA Shooting Coach of the Year
Florin Marinache
“Coaching is an action,
not a title and
actions result in successes.”
I admired it for a while and I keep reading the quote on it… the more I read it, the more I wonder how it came to be on this award.

It is actually holding so much truth…

That’s exactly how I would define his past few years: as a continuous activity, a never-ending action. It is tiresome, sure, but it led him to this wonderful success: not the ‘title’ (how they so nicely define it) but the LearnTrapshooting teams and family. I am again and again awed by his energy, by his new and fresh ideas, by his drive.

I wonder sometimes where will we be in a few years, how will all this evolve.

I have high hopes – and I am prepared to help him pave this wonderful road to success: because that’s exactly what we are doing – building from scratch. I don’t know all the answers and I am sure the process will be sometimes perceived as a hardship – but I am sure the success will be sweeter that way.

All I am sure of right now is that we are not alone – and we again thank all and every single person that helped in one way or another. Even a good word is a great help, trust me! We need more than just words, for sure, but we are as grateful for the encouragement we received throughout the year.

And a heartfelt thank you to whoever nominated Florin for this wonderful award. It is still a bit surreal – as the recognition comes from the highest level in our association… it is an honour and, as far as I know (I will check in the near future) it is going for the first time to a Canadian Coach! We are incredibly happy, honoured, and humbled. I am extremely happy his efforts have been awarded at such a high level – and for those who know us it will come as no surprise that I am not referring here at the award (or not only), but at the actual recognition of his actions.

So – as an LTS athlete, be proud: your Coach is THE BEST 🙂



Or how to surprise someone 🙂

I love surprises and since I figured out how the actual Fairies and everything works I have been genuinely surprised a very few times in my adult life. One reason could be that I am usually the one setting up meetings and get-togethers, so it’s really hard to get me out of our house w/o a good reason or w/o becoming suspicious.

This being said, I got into the car last weekend with no other expectations than to have lots of fun with the core LTS team, at the farm. I was driving (Florin likes to take advantage of my driving now and again) and because everyone in the car was purposely looking for the right number, of course, we just zoomed by… a U-turn and a few moments later we were all happily jumping on the trampoline, getting black walnuts off the lawn, and starting the biggest bone fire I ever saw.

I was totally and completely unaware of anything ‘suspicious’ – until the very last second when Dan started ‘the speech’. Even then… the very first moment I thought something strange is happening was only when I realized he’s reading the speech… which meant he has prepared the speech in advance… which I had no idea what meant.

But I can tell you what – the awards Florin and I received from the 2009 LearnTrapshooting team have now forever a special place in our hearts. They are the most hard-working awards we ever received (OK, Florin probably can say that about his 2009 ATA Shooting Coach of the Year award as well), and the sweetest rewards we could have ever received. We didn’t need an award to know we are appreciated by our students, don’t take me wrong! But to actually ‘see’ the appreciation went beyond my expectations. I knew Florin is loved by all his students and I had no questions about the respect he raised in every soul he touched – because he has a magic touch – and I felt the love as well. But I keep the beautiful award on my desk since and I find myself smiling at it – there is a beauty in that flying Canadian flag that the people we become to love in so little time understood. For me that’s even more important than everything – the fact that you, our LTS teams, understood us, understood what the school means to us, understood what Canada means to us.

I will bug Florin to get a few pictures of these 2 beauties to post here – for everyone to enjoy.

Until then – we thank the team again – for all their hard work, dedication, and for thinking so sweetly of us. We are continuously humbled by your actions and we are as proud of your performances. We are so lucky to have been surrounded by so many great athletes!