Your head coach elected on the OPTA board

Trapshooters in Ontario elect Florin Marinache on the board of the Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Association during their Annual General Meeting held at Hamiton Gun Club in Stoney Creek Ontario.

OPTA is the governing body for trapshooting in Ontario and works closely with the ATA to promote and manage the trapshooting movement in the Province. To contact the OPTA see

Florin Marinache is the head coach and founder of Learn Trapshooting, the first regular, full-time trapshooting school in Canada. Florin is an ATA / NRA certified level II trapshooting coach teaching Olympic trap as well as ATA. He can be reached via the web at

OPTA Championships, 2008

The Trapshooting Academy team performed amazingly at the 2008 Ontario Provincial Trapshoot! Alicia won the Paul Shaw doubles ladies event, then shot off three extra rounds to win the Lady Champion trophy. Frank became the Provincial Champion in his yardage group. Anthony also shot very well, including a pair of 25 straights. Well done team! See below for details and don’t forget, call (317) 633-8800 to subscribe to Trap&Field.

Trap & Field Magazine, OPTA Championship, 2008